Solar Power Systems - New York, Connecticut, Louisiana

PosiGen, located in Metairie, LA, empowers communities through solar power systems and energy-efficient retrofits. Learn how solar energy works on our website.

How Solar Energy can Power Your Louisiana, New York, or Connecticut Home.

PosiGen, based in Jefferson, LA, works with communities in Louisiana, New York, and Connecticut to increase energy independence and improve financial stability. We want you to understand how solar energy works and how a solar power system can help you save money through energy efficiency, so we've put together this guide.


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Solar panels turn photons from the sun into Direct Current (DC) electricity.


The inverter turns the Direct Current into Alternating Current (AC) for use in your home.


The Power you don't use is sent back into the grid and used by the utility company.

The Solar Installation Process

The sun rises every day, but each day is different—and each home is different, too. When you sign up with PosiGen, we design a unique panel layout for your roof. There are a lot of steps involved with getting those panels on your roof, but we take care of all of that for you. The only thing you need to do is choose PosiGen.



A PosiGen specialist will develop a custom layout that works best for your roof. Our solar panel experts have done thousands of assessments, so you can trust that they are qualified to find the best location for the panels. In most cases, we may not even need to come into your home for an assessment, so let our team do the hard work, and you can simply go about your normal day.

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Our professional installation teams climb up on your roof to do the installation. In most cases, you don’t have to be home, but you’re invited to watch your roof being transformed into an energy-saving powerhouse.


We aren’t the only ones looking out for you. The municipality will send someone to inspect the installation and electrical work. The time this takes varies based on location, but it’s for your safety and that’s worth a little delay.


Homes without solar power have meters that only count upward based on the amount of electricity used. A Net Meter counts forward and backward, tracking the amount of energy used by you and the excess energy your solar system produces and sends to the grid. When your Solar System produces more energy than your home uses, you get a credit for that energy.


Once the panels are on your roof and your net meter is installed, it's time to activate the system and start saving.  A PosiGen team member will come to your home and activate the system for you.  


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